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Hello welcome to my fuckoff learning how to code website dont take anything here seriously yet im just tryna learn front end shit

Heres a link to my resume


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this is a compilation of a bunch of my favourite songs and music

image description One Beer - MF DOOM

image description 鴿哨 - 缺省

image description xtayalive (prod. 9lives) by jnhygs - Zinc

Project Ideas

alright so currently im gonna try and make some sort of website data base in vscode using react, html, css, and i guess node because its making me? i think ill make the data base collect something stupid, like hook it up to some kind of weather app or stocks forum, anything that spits out numbers that i can rapidly collect and store. then, ill figure out a way to loop the node.js and react back into the html website, or a seperate website, to create constantly updating visuals on whatever the fuck data i end up collecting.